I got the Enderby Trust Scholarship!! Now I just need to afford the rest…

Working as an unpaid undergraduate intern in Dunedin (New Zealand) for the past six months has offered me lots of opportunities, but not any to save money.
I wrote a poem applying to the Enderby Trust Scholarship for the Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific expedition – because why not. And Enderby Trust informed me that it was successful. However, I am far far away from being able to pay for the rest of the expedition, even though I got the scholarship.

These islands (Snares, Auckland and Campbell) are UNESCO World Heritage Sites as they only have been discovered a little more than 200 years ago and are home to New Zealand’s last ‘real’ pristine wilderness. They are magnificent evidence for the theory of evolution with certain species only to find here – including Auckland Shags, the Snares Crested Penguin, and the Campbell Albatross.

It is my dream to become a science journalist, to do honest, dedicated and investigative reporting, and to tell the stories that this wonderful world has to offer as seen through my own eyes. Send me to the Forgotten Islands and I will remind you how beautiful they are.

I am a writer as I am sharing my Kiwi experiences in Far Far Away Land on my blog. As soon as I am back on the safe mainland – I will share my logbook entries, photos and videos with you in a professional but playful manner.

Help me to start my career in science journalism and make this a trip of a lifetime.

Man, I love you guys for doing this.

Me in St. Kilda, Dunedin



Hi, Mate! 🙂

My name is Basti, I am German and I somehow ended up in a place that is ridiculously close to Antartica. Indigenous Māori call it Aotearoa, Kiwis say New Zealand, and my parents like to term it ‘Far-Far-Away-Land’.

My blog will show and tell all about the experiences I am making over here, in a country that is so off the radar from western economic leaders (actually, it is not) and still resembles one of the most desired travel destinations for all sorts of backpackers, students and adventure-seekers. Why? Well, it is out of sight and somewhat an escape for the rest of the western world. In fact, it was the last habitable place to be discovered by humanity nearly a thousand years ago. Only Antarctica was yet to be found about a hundred years ago, but that place is rather suited for the ones that like the cold.

I believe that every central European, including myself, knows at least one person within their environment that has been down here or Down Under, on a gap year or something very similar. And when I first heard the stories or looked at the photographs, my mind created this image of a perfectly fine island country that seemed to be more paradise than anything else. And yes indeed, it is a beautiful thing, and to be honest, my expectation did not really disappoint me, but nobody is perfect and neither is New Zealand.

Otago Peninsula
Otago Peninsula, Dunedin (Not Ireland)

My journey begins in the city of Dunedin, on the east coast of the South Island. I will assist Professor Lloyd Davis at the Science Communication Centre, University of Otago, and experience the kiwi student lifestyle until October. Besides, I’ll work in a crazy Indian restaurant and save up before exploring the rest of the South Island. My final destination is the North Island where my return flight leaves from Auckland in February.

Knox Church, Dunedin
Knox Church, Dunedin

I will do my best to report to you as accurate and honest as possible. The life, the history, its nature and science – it is all filled with rich and fascinating stories. Trust me when I say that Far-Far-Away-Land will definitely surprise you.

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