Franky Fantail and his yellow Sock


Franky Fantail
was small and frail.
His tail was crooked,
He was simply overlooked.
But he was proud as a peacock
‘Cause Franky had a yellow sock.

That’s why it was quite a shock
When Franky saw a hole in his beloved, yellow sock.
Franky was down but hopeless he was not,
Someone in the forest could surely tie a knot.
Maybe Patty the Frog
could sew his sock.

“I catch flies and swim in the pond”
Said Patty the Frog and drifted beyond.
“Find Billy the Beaver.”
“He could surely be a weaver!”
And Franky got the thrills
“Billy Beaver must have the skills!”

“I build dams and trees are what I log.”
Said Billy Beaver who couldn’t sew the yellow sock.
“Find Morris the Mouse”,
Said Billy Beaver from his house.
So Franky Fantail jumped on the beaver’s raft,
“He’s the mouse to ask, and surely has the craft!”

“I dig holes and sometimes a ditch!”
Said Morris the Mouse who clearly couldn’t stitch.
“Find someone else, you little goof.”
Said Morris the Mouse and jumped off his roof.
But Franky was so sad and itty-bitty
So Morris the Mouse said: “I feel pity.”

This was quite a shock
“Is there no one who could sew my sock?”
Franky was down and hopeful he was not.
Cause no one here could tie a knot.
He loved his sock with heart and soul,
But his yellow sock still had a hole.

Franky Fantail
was desperate and pale
When a charming voice came from a tree
It was Fanny Fantail he would see.
“What is it that bothers your flock?”
“We can’t find noone to sew my sock.”

The fine Fanny Fantail flew down the tree,
And said to Franky eagerly:
“Follow me, I know who could!”
She took him by the wing and would
Bring Franky Fantail to a web unknown,
“It is Sonya the Spider’s home!”

Patty the Frog lit up with glee
Billy Beaver as happy as the free,
Morris the Mouse was filled with bliss
And Fanny Fantail gave Franky a kiss.
Sonya Spider was the best for the job,
And sewed up fast that yellow sock.

Franky Fantail
Was small and frail.
His tail was crooked,
And Franky simply overlooked.
But Franky Fantail was proud as a peacock,
Cause he had friends and his beloved, yellow sock.


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